Aalayam in Varanasi

Aalayam in Varanasi

When you think of Varanasi, the first thing that comes to mind is the sanctity of this holy city. But there is another side to Varanasi which has not been projected in films so far. For the first time my film Aalayam deals with the business rivalry that prevails among Tamilians and the mafia that exists in that city,” says the writer-turned-director Vadivudayan, a former associate of ace director Shaji Kailash.  Sembi, an assistant to cinematographers Rajiv Menon, Ravi K. Chandran and Ravi Varman is making his debut as the hero.

Dhanushya, a classical dancer from Kerala is the heroine. The film has been shot extensively at different locations in Varanasi, like the Varanasi Jail, Harischandra ghat, Kasi Palace and the Court. They have recorded the real sounds of the city, like cycle rickshaws, temple bells and the vendors to get the proper ambience, revealed the sound engineer turned music director of the film Indrajith. Ad filmmaker Srinivasa Reddy turns independent cameraman with this film. Another sensitive issue which has been dealt with in the film is the high level of drug peddling in city.

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