Aadhi is a very good friend – Taapsee


Taapsee reveals that she is not seeing anyone and she won’t see anyone
With the rumour mills working over time that Taapsee Pannu is dating her Maranthen Mannithen co-star Aadhi of Eeram fame, the Aadukalam actor sets the record straight and insists that nothing is going on between them.

The rumours had apparently started after an “intimate scene“ between the two in Maranthen Mannithen. Maranthen Mannithen.

Our source says, “Taapsee has been addicted to Aadhi. They’re bonding great of late. In fact, she has also been referring his name to a couple of producers and film makers.“ Taapsee, who is taking some time off from the who is taking some time off from the shooting of her upcoming film Muni, however, says, “It’s so funny and weird. It’s bee a while since we have met. The last time I met him (Aadhi) was in Hyderabad some time ago. He has been a very good time ago. He has been a very good friend of mine since we worked in Maranthen Mannithen and nothing more.“

Setting the record straight, she told KT, “I’m not seeing anyone, I haven’t been seeing anyone and I won’t be seeing anyone in the future.“

About her upcoming projects, she added, “I couldn’t sign any Telugu film due to my jam-packed schedule till this December.
Apart from Muni, I’ve signed a Hindi film.
I’m going to join the rehearsals of that film soon. I can’t reveal any details as I’m waiting for the production house to make an announcement.“ Aadhi, meanwhile, couldn’t be reached.

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