A youngster shocked by Bala’s question

These days recommendations have become order of the day as even for LKG admissions, there needs to be good words from highly influential persons. Well for being assistant directors, it needs whole lot of high influences and then imagine about joining as assistant director to Bala. It happened before 6 months when a person had strong recommendations from political ministers for his son to join as Bala’s assistant.

Unable to refuse the calls, Bala accepted the youngster to join as his assistant director. One day, he walked into the office asking the youngster – Who are you? Immediately, he replied ‘Sir, I am the one who was recommended by Annan.’ Bala was not surprised as he says, ‘Okay, Please Take your seat’ and till the date, the youngster is sitting over the same bench. It has become a big question mark on his work on shooting spots.

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