A young politician as film’s hero

Foraying into politics after making big show in tinsel town happens to be the general formula of film industry. But, Kumaran proves off something different. The youngster is an active participant with a respectable position in a worth mentioning political party. But with his admirations to become an actor has made him so.

He is now making his debut for a film titled ‘Dhairiyam’ directed by his neighbor Saroj Kumar. The film features two actresses: Deepu and ‘Thoothukudi’ fame Karthika in female lead roles.

Unleashing his experience in filmdom Kumaran says, “Definitely, I would like to thank Deepu and Karthika for sparing me a lot when I would merely take 10 and more takes for a perfect shot.”

On her turn, Karthika admits, “Though, this is Kumaran’s own project, it’s very difficult to get his call sheet. He is a very busy man in political field and has so many tasks to carry on. However then, he hurries to shooting spots and appears before the camera…”

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