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Normally a song sequence will be shot in 3 days. But in abnormal situations a film’s song sequence will be shot in 15 days. For the first time in Tamil cinema, a song sequence for the film Sivakamiyin Selvan was done in a single shot in a day. Shivaji Ganeshan and Vanishree featured in this song sequence Ethanai Azhagu. After 37 years another song sequence in a Tamil film was done in a single shot in a day. This song sequence is for the film Thillangadi. The song Sol Petchu Ketkadha has been sung by Chitra and Shreya Ghosal. Director Jayam Raja spoke to the media that how this song was done in a single shot. He said,’ As the per the story of Thillalangadi, Thamanna’s heart will like Jayam Ravi but her conscience will not allow her to go near Jayam Ravi. Keeping this has the crux, Na Muthukumar has penned the song Sol Petchu and the music was composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. We planned to shoot this song in a single shot.

So we discussed about this for three months. We erected a set in a circular shape at Prasad Studios at a cost of Rs 60 Lakhs. I had rented a camera called Nero from Mumbai. The rent of this camera per day was Rs 2 ½ Lakhs. To operate this camera a technician from Australia was made to come. For five days Jayam Ravi, Thamanna, Choreographer Shobi and dance artists rehearsed the dance movements of this song for five days. On the 6th day we started shooting the song and completed it in 25 hours. 5 Thamannas and 15 Jayam Ravis will appear in this song. There are 20 layers in this song sequence and this is the first time this has been done in India. This song will be the strength of this film.”

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