A R Rahman Foundation releases Calendar 2010

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This special 2010 calendar is produced by Worldlight, a subsidiary of Audio Media Education, in aid of the A R Rahman Foundation and features pictures of the musical genius A R Rahman.

The other significant feature of this desktop calendar is that it carries a number of thoughtful quotes from Rahman on universal themes such as Music, Language & Love.

The vision of the A R Rahman Foundation is to strive towards making poverty history. As a first step towards achieving this vision, the foundation will set up educational institutions and provide world class, state-of-the-art infrastructure and education to underprivileged children who do not have the means to access & fund their education. This will equip them with knowledge and skill sets to pursue specialized higher studies that will provide them career opportunities to build a secure future for themselves and their families.

The A R Rahman Foundation is presently providing free music education to 30 students from corporation schools in Chennai.

These students are being trained at the K M Music Conservatory by a world class faculty.

The Foundation aims to increase the intake of such students in the forthcoming years thereby extending the benefit of free music education to the truly deserving.

“At the Foundation, we know that there is no better investment than that in the education of children.” says Academy Award Winner A R Rahman.

Selva Kumar, a top-notch photographer in the entertainment domain and the CEO of Audio Media, has captured Rahman playing and enjoying music in a very interesting & unique way.

“A moment of giving is much greater than a moment of receiving. I am honoured to be associated with the A R Rahman Foundation. I believe each one of us should come forward and support this initiative.” says Selva Kumar Photographer & CEO, Audio Media Education India Pvt. Ltd.

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