A meaningful day in Vikram’s life

“This is one of the best memorable birthday in my entire life” said Chiyaan Vikram celebrating his birthday with the fans. What makes this day so special for him? For the entire day, he spent his day with his fans where he proved of his social consciousness by rendering his service to the economically privileged people.

During the first half of the day, Chiyaan expressed his willingness to donate his eyes to the Ramakrishna Eye Bank. Well, this was a step towards for a good cause and immediately there were his other fans following the same good service.

On the other latter part, Vikram fleeted to Srivaru Venkatachalapathy Palace at LBR Gardens. Over there, apart from gifting the poor people like Tailoring machine, wheel chairs, notebooks and other stationary items, he also danced, sang and uttered dialogues that the fans had requested.

Cool! Hats off to Vikram for a great day with a great cause and wish him a very long happy life…

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