A Film that pulled Sunaina to Tamil Culture

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When every missy in town loves wearing the modern costumes denying the Tamil Culture, here’s the actress who has been drawn unboundedly to these cultures while filming for ‘Yaadhumaagi’. The film features debutant Sachin-Sunaina in lead roles and R. Balakumar wields megaphone. Ponnurangam produces the film under the banner of Chozha Creations.

Actress Sunaina on this film has said that she accepted the offer once filmmaker narrated the script. The character was so close to her and the film unravels the binding relationship between father-daughter. “Earlier I felt bit difficult wearing the traditional costumes of Paavadai Thavani and now I am comfortable with this. I’ve got to learn more culture and traditions of Tamil Nadu during the film’s production work” added Sunaina.

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