“A film can do wonders and Kandasamy will be first example” – Director Susi

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It’s a highly expected film from the beginning of this year with a movie launch held in grandeur. Director Susi Ganeshan being a protégé of Mani Rathnam hasn’t roped in any big superstars in his films and this is the first time, he is found joining hands with a mass hero. Why’s the film getting so delayed? Ask this question to Director Susi Ganesh and he says, “It’s worth getting delayed for we have been working on each frames more precisely. Post Production works has taken nearly around 5 months and it’s only days to complete it. Also we’ve got a song pending to shot in Italy”.

So, what’s the film all about? It’s been the happening question for those who are yearning to watch this film. Again, we have our filmmaker saying, “You write a letter to God about your problems and our hero solves it. This is where the tale of Kandasamy kick-starts”.

The film’s audio is slated to be launched somewhere in the middle of January and film around mid of March and April…

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