A Film based on Mumbai Red Light Area

What does an unsuccessful filmmaker afford for when he has lost his prominence in film industry? You can come up with the right guess without any second thoughts, make a film based on sexual themes with at least a semi-nude substance, fight against censor board officials and proceed for reconsideration. Finally, grab the attention of cheap-tawdry audiences yearning to watch those shots in the film.

Director Prabhakaran was once a praiseworthy filmmaker well known for his eccentric themes based on superstitious and societal issues. Now, he has almost degraded himself parsimoniously by making ‘Kadhal Kadhai’ and yet more movies on the scripting. Similarly, here comes director Rukmagadhan setting forth with a film titled ‘Antharangam’ – a film centering about the problems in Mumbai Red Light Area. The director adds that sex crimes in the country should reduce and this film will contribute a lot to the proceedings. The director himself has handled story, screenplay, dialogues and music for this film.

He has assured that he would fight towards any extend with censor board officials and release the film with semi-nude shots.

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