A Bus – Important Characterization in ‘Azhagar Malai’

Patently, it isn’t just about stories every day, but off interesting infos… Well, the most exhilarating part of this film was all about Maestro Ilayaraja making his onscreen appearance. Now, there’s yet another interesting fact and that is all about a BUS… How can a Bus be a prominent character in this flick? Of course, for the first time – here’s a BUS being depicted with such importance. Certainly, the entire village where the film is being shot considered the same BUS to be a real life friend.

Once the sources revealed that the film crew is gonna break the bus, they merely hid it in an unknown place. The entire film team had including RK, Baanu, Vadivelu and others had to wait nearly for half a day. Later, as the issue was unraveled to them, they rushed to bus owner to settle the confusions.

Issue was immediately taken to police station, where the film crew promised the Bus Owner that there wouldn’t be any damage to BUS. In case of anything serious to the property, they assured about fixing them perfectly.

Accidentally, the bus was damaged, but producer as assured fixed them properties exactly.