‘Why have songs when they don’t deserve?’ – Radha Mohan

Filmmaker Radha Mohan is very well known for making romantic comedies with more scopes for songs. But this time, he has done it with a difference with today’s release ‘Payanam’. The film is released crossing some hurdles and has witnessed good response. The reason why ‘Payanam’ turns to be a special movie in pages of Tamil Cinema is because it doesn’t boast of usual traits like comedy, unwanted songs, tracks and romance.

For the filmmaker, who has made romantic comedies with more songs, how this attempt did makes him feel about it. Ask Radha Mohan and he says. “Why have songs when there aren’t any need for it. ‘Payanam’ is an emotional thriller, when they have no space?”

Adding more about the movie, he says that new attempts have been made in terms of narration and script, but the result are into the hands of audiences.

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