‘Payanam’ has more comedy – Prakash Raj

When everyone presumes ‘Payanam’ to be a serious film, Prakash Raj assures that there are more situational comedies in this movie. ‘Payanam’ is a bilingual movie simultaneously made in Telugu titled ‘Gaganam’. The film is produced by Prakash Raj himself under the banner of Duet Movies in collaboration with Telugu producer Dil Raju. The film was supposed to hit screens for Diwali, but was later postponed to December. Since there were so many releases in Telugu, the producers couldn’t find more theatres to release the film.

As there wouldn’t be much bigger releases during the first week of February, the producers are sure as shooting stars for this season.

The film revolves around a domestic flight between Mumbai-Chennai getting hijacked by terrorists and they force the pilot for emergency landing at Tirupathi airport. A commando (Nagarjuna) and a senior bureaucrat (Prakash Raj) embark a journey to save the desolated passengers.