‘Is playing cricket even a sin?’ – Deepika Padukone

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Deepika Padukone shares a great relationship and turmoil with cricket. Right from the time, she made her debut with ‘Om Shanthi Om’, there has been a sort of romantic link-ups with cricket players. Firstly, it was MS Dhoni, Captain of Indian Team, who was seemed to be running together around in all parties. Later, Dhoni’s heart reportedly broke down after she started dating Yuvaraj Singh.

She was later committed to Ranbir Kapoor and their affair came to an end now. Recently, the actress was spotted together sharing each and every moment together with Vijaya Malaya’s son Vir, (owner of Bangalore Royal Challengers).

Now as she has started playing cricket in leisure times, she has been again put into a box of link-up. Unbearable to such gossips, the actress yells out ‘Is playing cricket even a crime?’

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