‘I don’t want to cheat audiences’ – Actor Karunaas

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‘People spend their money buying tickets to watch the films and I am sure they’ll feel worthy watching my film for the pennies they have spent’ says actor Karunaas, who is getting excited about the release of his upcoming film ‘Ambasamudaram Ambani’. The film is directed by his close friend Ramnath and is centered on an ordinary man across the lanes of Ambasamudaram aspiring to be a big shot like Ambani.

Brimmed with such dreams, he makes his way to Chennai and the consequences he encounters is what it forms during rest of the story. Adding more about his strategy, Karunaas says, “I have missed the opportunities of 10 films for acting in a film. But earning money isn’t my concern and I have been dedicating myself to the film from a very long time as this profession has earned me more reputation.”

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