‘Don’t call me sexy’ – Bipasha Basu

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The Bombshell of many young hearts – Bipasha Basu is literally infuriated with her fans now. Recently, the actress was there to attend a public ceremony, where she was continuously addressed as ‘Sexy’ by her fans and unable to bear the vulgar appraisals, she left the occasion halfway before it could be completed for the very reason of fans calling her so.

In the past, the actress has got through some bitter experiences as during most of the times, she was bitten by her fans’ indecent gestures. One, she was harassed by the fans amongst crowd while she was present there to attend the Pooja and immediately her beau John Abraham appeared in the scenario and rescued, by taking her out of the place.

Beautiful women have always prone to such annoying situations and it’s unavoidable.

That’s what they say – The Reel image always has its effects on real life.