New Destiny for 2018

AstroVed 2018

While everyone is getting prepared to welcome 2018 with great joy and zest, it is equally important to invite the blessings of the divine. AstroVed brings you a wonderful opportunity to end 2017 with grand Vedic rituals to witness divine miracles in 2018!

Access and harness the powerful prosperity energy descending upon the world through AstroVed’s exclusive 3-day grand New Year ceremonies to completely change your financial karma and accrue the blessings of the almighty in your lives.
On December 31st, Kushmanda homa (Karma Clearing Fire Lab), the only Homa mentioned in the second oldest Veda, Yajur Veda will be performed to clear your karma.
On January 1st, Kamadhenu Kubera Homa (Wish-Fulfilling Wealth Fire Lab) will be performed to invoke the banker of Heaven, Kubera and the wish-fulfilling cow, Kamadhenu together.
On January 2nd, Arudra Dharshan Rudra Homa (Birth of New Consciousness Fire Lab) will be performed to invoke Lord Shiva .
AstroVed recommends everyone to participate in the 2017 grand finale ceremonies and connect with Lord Rudra, Kubera (the Banker of Heaven) and wish-fulfilling cow, Kamadhenu for an auspicious beginning of 2018.

Highlighted below are the blessings that you receive by participating in these powerful rituals:

Benefits of Kushmanda Homa

According to Yajur Veda, performing or participating in this distinctive sacred fire ritual can clear your karma and life problems and bring the following benefits:

Recover from unmanageable debts
Prevent diseases
Cleanse your body and mind
New solutions for life problems
Cure psychological ailments

Benefits of Kamadhenu Kubera Homa

This grand fire ceremony invokes Goddess Kamadhenu, the personification of the divine trinity and sum total of all celestial beings, who has the power to grant your desires. Kubera, the banker in Heaven, can bestow material comforts, money and success. According to the scriptures, this fire ritual can bestow the following benefits:

Overcome business losses
Gain blessings of Goddess Lakshmi
Enjoy pleasures and comforts in life
Gain wealth by rightful means
Recovery of monies owed
Start your new year afresh with the benefits of AstroVed’s powerful Vedic technologies, to clear your old karmic debts and invite wealth and good health into your life in 2018!

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