A foundation centred around the belief, “Only if you take care of yourself, you can take care of others”, AIWO Certified Wellness Centre is a state-of-the-art wellness centre that aims to transform India’s approach to healthcare. A Japanese word coined to denote “Love Thyself”, AIWO is the practice of prioritizing one’s own health and wellness.

Brought to the people by Dr. C.N. Ilankumaran (M.B.B.S., M.S., M.Ch.), an esteemed Neurosurgeon and the founder of Harshitha Hospitals Madurai, AIWO’s wellness centres are centred around cutting-edge laboratory testing, Artificial Intelligence-assisted report generation, and a highly comprehensive and personalized wellness plan. Through something as simple as blood tests and a urine sample, AIWO performs an astonishing 181 tests to profoundly evaluate the condition of one’s entire system — starting from complete blood counts to detecting potential diabetes markers, assessing blood cholesterol levels to exploring potential indicators of heart disease, identifying vitamin/mineral deficiencies and surpluses, and so much more. While these tests help detect most of our body’s important issues, AIWO helps us figure out the solutions and creates a personalized mitigation plan.

The crux of AIWO’s ethos aims to tackle and more importantly, reverse three primary health concerns: Diabetes, Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD), and atherosclerosis (which may lead to heart disease). AIWO’s tests extensively focus on assessing one’s blood and DNA samples to identify any irregularities as well as markers that could contribute to issues with these body systems. Their expert consulting team of Diabetologists, Gynaecologists and Cardiologists help draft comprehensive wellness and mitigation plans to prevent or even reverse these extremely important disorders.

The modern world as we know it today, comes with an inescapable amount of stress that affects people of almost every age group. Such a tedious amount of stress might one day, inevitably result in a myriad of health issues. Increased levels of stress and cortisol levels in the body makes one extremely prone to several conditions. Since we cannot remove the factor of stress, we must work hard to prevent these health implications. This is the primary vision behind AIWO – to help everyone achieve true wellness.

AIWO is also one of India’s best producer of supplements and superfoods. Their line of supplements cater to every single system in the body, as well as issues such as sleeplessness and stress. These carefully created supplements and superfoods are plugged into every single patient’s wellness plan to cater to any deficiencies they may have, or as a prophylactic to prevent the onset of any disorders they have a predisposition to. Their line of supplements have even been scientifically proven to take patients’ prevalent conditions back to normal.

AIWO’s entire four-step program comprises of comprehensive testing, AI-generated reports, a carefully curated wellness plan, and recommendation of supplements and wellness therapies. AIWO’s unique offering is that one can gain access to the entire regimen for a very nominal price, unlocking clues that could help prevent a multitude of health issues.

The AIWO report is a compendious document generated with AI-assisted proprietary software. It provides incredible detail, highlights all findings from the lab tests and colour-codes them with green, orange, and red markings for ease of understanding by the common person, and comes with interpretations and explanations so that one is not left in the dark and can clearly understand every single medical term that has been mentioned. The end of the report also prescribes inferences from the report, as well as the best course of action for the patient’s wellness plan, and suggests the best supplements that will benefit them. During the patient’s consultation with their physician, they will be walked through the report in detail and will be prescribed a personalized course of action. This is an incredibly unique wellness-centred healthcare plan that has never been seen before in all of India.

The AIWO wellness centres are state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped with beautiful interiors, rehabilitation rooms, therapy rooms, a strength and recovery-focused gym, and a mindful food-focused eatery. Their dedicated team of therapists, technicians, physicians, and dieticians provide the utmost care through every single process of the program.

One may wonder how an established Neurosurgeon happened to set up a centre focused on overall health and wellness — Dr. Ilankumaran’s personal motive behind this initiative was born from the fact that both his parents were diabetic, which meant that he had a very significant predisposition to the disorder. Since he knew that early detection and mitigation were much better courses of action than treatment, he was determined to give every single person the access to these tests and to create a plan that would help them detect the issue much earlier, and to try and prevent its onset as much as possible. With an estimated 77 million diabetic patients, India could definitely benefit from AIWO’s program.

Dr. Ilankumaran’s healthcare focused business endeavours stem from his father’s ambitions. Hailing from a line of ancestors who primarily worked on farming, his father was the first to diverge into the medical field. After having set up his own clinical practice, his father inspired him to do the same. Eventually, Dr. Ilankumaran took after his father when it was his time, and went ahead to co-found Harshitha Hospitals in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, along with Dr. C.N. Raja Chidhambaram, and Dr. Elamthalir (M.B.B.S, PgD Diabetology). A 100-bed hospital established in 2011, Harshitha Hospitals has grown significantly and is Madurai’s crown jewel in the medical industry. They have amped up their operations significantly, they have gained the trust of their city’s people, and they plan on growing tremendously. Their simple, approachable, honest, and amicable staff and services draw thousands of patients to the hospital every single day. They have successfully cured 1400+ covid patients, and have also created a long-term post-covid rehabilitation program. They also primarily focus on the early detection, mitigation, and treatment of diabetes, along with a special focus on cardiology and neurology-related issues. They have several projects in the pipeline stage, including a new hospital in Virudhunagar, and a 1000 bed-hospital in Chennai.

Similarly, Dr. Ilankumaran and his team aim to bring AIWO’s Certified Wellness Centres to every city in Tamil Nadu. Their pilot project in Madurai successfully created plans for 600+ people, and their Chennai centre has just been launched. They are working on setting up 10+ centres over the next 3 months, and hope to establish 300 centres in Tamil Nadu over the next few years. Through their passion, expertise, and resources, AIWO aims to help Indian people achieve holistic wellness, and to focus on loving thyself.

AIWO’s Chennai centre is now open to everyone — located in the heart of T Nagar at the junction of Giri Road and Thirumalai Pillai road. Bookings can be easily made through WhatsApp at 09888692222, and the staff will help answer any queries you may have. Visit AIWO to start your wellness journey today.