Madhayaanai Koottam Movie Review


Staring : Kathir, Oviya, Viji Chandrasekar

Director : Vikram Sukumaran

Music : NR Ragunanthan

Production : GV Prakash Productions, JSK

A subject with sickle wielding in and around Madurai seems to be the pet choice for few of the tamil directors even today. We experienced the same in Thagararu couple of weeks back and now it is getting more sharper in Madha Yaanai Koottam. Musician-cum-actor G V Prakash has promoted himself as producer with this flick. Vikram Sukumaran, a former assistant of Balu Mahendra and dialogue writer of Aadukalam is making his debut as director that features Kathir and Oviya in the lead.

The story unfolds with the death ritual of Jeyakkodi Thevar, a big shot in Theni district. Sivanamma is Thevar’s first wife and she could not tolerate his decision of leading the life with another lady. Thevar passes away due to heart attack and the problem erupts from the moment. Sivanamma and her relatives warn Thevar’s younger wife to not attend the ‘seymurai’ (ritual). The tussles between them grow stronger and leads to blood baths from either side. Sivanamma’s brother targets Parthiban(s/o Thevar’s second wife) and chalks out a plan to kill him. Did he survive from it?

Kathir the hero looks suitable for the role of rural youth. But his inexperience is clearly visible in romantic portions and ‘run for your life’ scenes. Oviya fits for girl from coconut land Kerala and passes muster. Viji as Sivanamma has delivered her best. Her character took the centre stage of the storyline and demanded heavy performance. She could not have done better. Srijith – the well known character artist in malayalam cinema has donned the character named Ponram and made his presence felt. There are two more artists who deserve a special mention. One is the person who acted as Viji’s brother and the other as her son.

The death ritual scenes among Thevar community(especially Kallars) in Theni district is perfectly narrated by director but too much of detail held screen play to move further. But the MYK team should be praised for making crisp romantic portions without mindless duets. The casting of important characters is the pillar of this film. Rahul Dharuman’s camera beautifully captures the night effects of Theni district. Raghu Nandhan’s background score is commendable. Yegadhasi’s lyrics with rural touch is also noteworthy. Thanjai Selvi returns to her best singing ability in ‘Enga Pora’ that matches well with the mood. We would not have forgotten her previous hit ‘Jilla vittu’ in Eesan.

Revenge drama from the word go and a very simple climax are the weak points of MYK. Above all the film speaks loud about caste politics also. We wonder how the censor board allowed some serious caste based dialogues without any cut or beep sound. Even the female characters add fuel to the fire by instigating the male members to take revenge in the name of caste pride. The director portrays Kallars a subcaste of thevar community in a bitter way. Even if sickle wieldings are happening in the name of ‘seymurai’ in some parts of the state the director should have handled the issue with more responsibility.

Verdict : Madha Yaanai Koottam is engaging in parts but fails to deliver with innovative screenplay when comparing it with Pandiya Nadu.


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