T.Rajendar sings “Monkistha Kinkistha”

“Koothan’s composer Balz_G always picks up happening voices in the Tinsel town. Now it is T.Rajendar who has been roped to sing a zippy number “Monkistha Kinkistha” for the film Koothan.

Any song by T.R always goes viral on the social media so he is always on high demand in kollywood industry.But it is hard to convince him as he only accepts when the tune and the pitch suits him. Music Composer Balz_G and his film crew approached him and made him to hear the tune, after hearing he was vivaciously happy stating that normally people call me only for “Kuthu” Songs but this song “Monkistha Kinkistha” is a blend of arabian and latin.He Immediately accepted to record the song.His Involvement towards the tune and the lyrics made him to improvise the melody in lot of areas.Koothan is a dance based musical film directed by Venky A.L with Debut Hero Rajkumar produced by Nilgirs Dream Entertainment nilgris murugan.